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Open banking

Hélène Bernicot,


« Banks must agree to open their information systems to third parties - while of course guaranteeing the protection of their customer data. They must make it an opportunity, also exploit the business models of the sector's players, take full advantage of what is known as open banking. This is how new cooperation can be set up. »


Access to accounts is one of the most transformative elements of PSD2. Previously, access to bank accounts was restricted to either the account issuer or unregulated providers using ‘screen scraping’ and consumer security credentials. Under PSD2, any regulated third party can now access a consumer’s bank account with the consumer’s consent. This gives merchants the opportunity to access data and the ability to initiate payments, through an API.

This change will lead to greater innovation in the payment industry, with new consumer experiences based on Account Information Service Provider (AISP) and Payment Initiation Service Provider (PISP) services.