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End User Identity 1.4.1


The End User Identity API enables you to get the identity of the PSU, i.e. first and last names of the end-user.

Test It !

The sandbox page describes how to obtain access token for a particular use case. Once you have access token you will be able to quickly test the API in the API Reference section below.

  • Under "API Reference" , expand the endpoint description you want to test and click on “Try it out”
  • Fill the fields of the request and body (if any) 
    • access token has to be specified in the Authorization header (Bearer scheme) 
      For instance : "Bearer ygzVxruT52IkFZw5GOAYAq82ZFaH"
    • Signature and X-Request-ID headers are not used out of the production mode and they won’t be any in the response
      But because the header is specified as "required" in OpenAPI specification you will have to specify any value
  • Click on “Execute” to send the request

The API can off course be used with same the access token outside this page with or without a mutual TLS connection.

Go Live !

The production mode is available, you can see how it works here.

Functional details

Implementation notes

STET version compatibility: (partial - see below)

Change log

March 2019: sandbox delivery

API reference