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Payment initiation 1.4.1


The payment initiation API enables you to initiate a payment and retrieve its status. This payment has to be validated by the corresponding payment service user, as explained in the STET PSD2 API documentation.

Test It !

The sandbox page describes how to obtain access token for a particular use case. Once you have access token you will be able to quickly test the API in the API Reference section below.

  • Under "API Reference" , expand the endpoint description you want to test and click on “Try it out”
  • Fill the fields of the request and body (if any) 
    • access token has to be specified in the Authorization header (Bearer scheme) 
      For instance : "Bearer ygzVxruT52IkFZw5GOAYAq82ZFaH"
    • Signature and X-Request-ID headers are not used out of the production mode and they won’t be any in the response
      But because the header is specified as "required" in OpenAPI specification you will have to specify any value
  • Click on “Execute” to send the request

The API can off course be used with the same access token outside this page with or without a mutual TLS connection.

Go Live !

The production mode is available, you can see how it works here.

Functional details

Implementation notes

STET version compatibility : (partial - see below)

  • Only SEPA credit Transfer (SCT and SCT Inst) are supported :
    • to one or several beneficiaries. If several beneficiaries are specified in a payment request, only one execution date is accepted.
    • delayed payment or standing order.
  • Domestic payment in non-euro currency, prioritary transfer and international transfer are not yet supported and will be rejected.
  • Cancellation endpoints are supported for delayed payment and standing order.
  • Confirmation endpoints are not yet supported.
  • SCA exemption cases are not yet supported : all payment validations will be done with strong customer authentication.
  • Only the redirect approach (app2web) is implemented at this stage.
  • Date and Time (requestedExecutionDate field for example) MUST always conform to the ISO 8601 format e.g.: 2017-06-21T14:07:17Z (date time),  it MUST use the UTC (without time offsets).
  • "CategoryPurpose" field (inside paymentTypeInformation structure) is mandatory in Arkéa implementation ; only CASH and DVPM payments are implemented.
  • The "country" field (into postalAdress object) is now required in Arkéa implementation for the debtor and benificiary.creditor.
  • Debtor objet is mandatory for scheduled payments requests.
  • If you specify a requestedExecutionDate, the value cannot exceed 180 days in the future.

Change log

March 2019: sandbox delivery

API reference